Sunday, 31 January 2010

We've been to the Theatre Darling and the 2010 latest Craze

OK so I admit it, is has been more than a few weeks since the last blog and there really is no excuse for this, apart from the fact that we have been out and about.

The Theatre

We went to see Darker Shores at Hampstead Theatre.   The theatre's lovely, it only seats something like 150 so is small and intimate, and we were only four rows from the front so could even see the actor's pores.

This was a ghost story, although it wasn't really very scary, although a couple of the loud bangs did make me jump, but then just a balloon popping will make me jump so that's not saying much.  However, it was a good story, it did keep us guessing as to who the ghost was, and how all the characters were connected and the illuminations were very clever, i.e. a typewriter typing on it's own (well obviously it was the ghost but we couldn't see him at that point) and the body coming up under the blanket on the bed, whilst water cascaded down underneath, before the body sat up and walked off.  Very clever, obviously the actor had been pushed underneath from the back of the bed, there was a lift system, etc. etc.  Julian Rhind-Tutt was gorgeous, I know I have weird taste, although his Southern drawl left a bit to be desired, and did cause Mr Imo to do his own (admitedly quite good) impressions all the way home.

The bit when the audience laughed.... they weren't meant to!

Less than a week later and we went to Stratford Upon Avon, with the boys, to see Arabian Nights.  This was brilliant, it was aimed at kids, but it was brilliant.   The production was tied together by the girl telling stories to the king she had married, every night, for a thousand nights, in order to stop him chopping her head off.  Not the sort of person you really want to be married too.  One of the stories was told with the use of puppets, which was very clever, but was my least favourite part of the whole play.

The Bit with the Puppets

The Latest Craze for 2010

Anyone can take part in this craze, in fact, you have probably already been taking part for the last few weeks and haven't even noticed.

You will need the following:-

a car
the ability to drive your car
quick reflexes

The rules are very simple.  

1.  whilst out driving your car try to avoid pot holes at all costs.

Points are rewarded for the following:-

1.  Quick avoidance tactics, however points will be deducted if you hit something or someone.

2.  Knowing where all your local potholes reside, resulting in smooth avoidance maneavours.

3.  Advanced avoidance tactics.


What are the pointsit's up to you, just don't cheat

Are there secret levels to be opened - yes.  These can be found anywhere near a pothole which is massively deep and wide.

Is there an advanced level to be played - yes.  It is called driving around all the potholes that have been repaired by the local council, but are so badly done they have been turned into loads of little hillocks topped with flying bits of loose gravel.

What are Advance Avoidance Tactics - Anything that involves off road

Loyalty Schemes.

Why don't you get offered loyalty points for using the same brand, or product?  This occured to me whilst using a certain product which I have used once a month since my early teens.  I won't say what it is, but here's a clue, only the female of the species would have use for this, say no more.

So for just over 30 years I have used this particular brand, and what do I get for it.   Absolutely nothing, zilch.   pffffffffffft.  I could have made a fortune by now, or at least been allowed to collect points towards something useful like a bundle of hand towels, a handy kitchen roll dispenser, or even money off vochures towards purchasing the damn things for the following month! 

I really should get my act together and write a letter suggesting this to the company, but as it's taken me over 4 weeks to post up this blog, it's doubtful it will get done.

Maybe a petition on facebook, although I'm not on facebook.......

And finally

My aim this week is to find where the spellcheck function is, so I can post my blog with no errors.  Am hoping blackLOG will have the answer for this one!

And I know it's here somewhere as I have used it before, but now it's hiding.


  1. I use a combination of Mrs B and Microsoft Word as my spell and sense checker.

    Stage 1 - I Write rubbish blog in Word. After about 24 hours of checking Word comes back and has corrected about 50% of the Blog while corrupting the other 50%.

    Stage 2 - Pass Blog to Mrs B for editing - Mrs B takes out 90% of what I used and replaces it with her own sweet words .

    Stage 3 - I publish the original draft before Mrs B and Word got their claws into it.

    Stage 4 - Teach complains about the poor spelling and lack of word craft

    Stage 5 - Mrs B notices that I have published the original draft and makes urgent requests to correct the worst of my atrocities to the English language

    Stage 6 - No one reads the blog so everyone is happy....

    As for the Loyalty scheme - What are they going to comp you, after all those years of brand loyalty - probably a hysterectomy?

  2. P.S. I think the spellcheck was left off the latest version of Blogger....

  3. OK thanks for that. I'll send my next draft round to Mrs B! Sorted.